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Hunter Hospitality Consulting
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Hunter Hospitality Consulting is a full-service hospitality management company specializing in the development, ownership and management of myriad hotel brands since 2002. Services include but are not limited to Asset Management, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Revenue Management, Staff Training and Support, Accounting and Finance.

We build strategic partnerships allowing us to build new hotels, acquire existing hotels, and improve under-performing hotels. We position each hotel to allow for overall growth in the market place and we have a proven track record with many years of consistent success.

Our Executive Team brings decades of experience and expertise in the areas of asset management, operations, sales and marketing and strategic positioning to ensure success.

Let us build a customized hotel management plan to drive growth and profitability of your single property or portfolio of hotels.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to achieve the top line revenues resulting in the bottom line profits and achieving the financial goals as set forth and expected by investors and owners.

It is our mission to deliver service in a friendly, courteous and helpful manner while providing our guests with a superior hotel product. We will create a workplace environment that promotes training and encourages associate loyalty. Through superior management and product delivery we will maximize return on every investment dollar.

Meet Our Team


Terry Riddle

President & CEO

Eric Lutz

Senior Vice President of Development

Diane Riddle

Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Stephanie Bernaugh

Vice President of Operations

Pamela Montgomery

Vice President of Revenue Management

Dana L. Thorn

Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Fermeko Myles

Vice President of Human Resources

Stephen Jenetis

Vice President of Food & Beverage

Joe Kern

Corporate Chief Engineer
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